Official Poker Rules

Official poker involves a wager where players have a hand of cards. Players then bet into a pot and the highest hand wins. Generally, each player must ante a fixed amount to be dealt into the hand. Then each player acts in turn to raise or call bets. After all betting is done, the dealer shows the hand and a winner is determined.

The rules used for WFP games are based on the well-known rulebook authored by Robert Ciaffone, also known in the poker world as Bob Ciaffone. He is a recognized authority on cardroom rules and has worked as a rules consultant to many major cardrooms. He is a regular columnist in Card Player magazine. Ciaffone has selected the rules to be used, formatted them, organized them, and worded them. This work is an improvement on previous rules books, and incorporates a number of his suggestions and improvements.

Players must act in a timely manner to maintain a reasonable pace of play. Players who fail to act when called upon by a TD or a player on the clock may be subject to penalties (Rule 30).

Players are responsible for their own actions and must keep their chips in full view. Players with live hands must remain at the table for all betting rounds and showdown. If a player has to leave the table, they must tell a floor person, and their chips will be surrendered. Frequent or continuous absences from the table are incompatible with protecting your hand and following the action, and may be cause for forfeiture of chips, and/or disqualification from the event.