Official Poker

Official poker is the name given to a set of rules for playing poker at casino card rooms. It is a collection of the most important poker rules and is written by Bob Ciaffone, who has been a leading authority on the game of poker.

ANTE: A pre-set amount posted by all players at the beginning of a hand, or an ante that a player is required to pay in before being dealt cards. It is also the minimum amount of money a player can win at a game.

BRADLEY: A player who is dealt a paired card in a stud game. The cards of this player are then passed to the next player on the clock in order to be dealt into a flop, turn, or river.

CAPPED: A situation in limit poker where the maximum number of raises on a betting round have been reached. In a CAPPED situation, a player may not act until a raise has been made by an opponent.

COLLECTION: The fee charged in a game (taken either out of the pot or from each player). It is also used to collect fees for seat rental.

CHECK: To give up your right to initiate betting in a round, but to retain the right to raise once another player has initiated a bet.

OPENERS: The cards in a jacks-or-better draw that show the hand qualifies for opening a pot. In a jacks-or-better drawing, the cards in the first two hands qualify for the open.