Sportsbook Partnerships and Legal Sports Betting

In states that have legalized sports betting, you can’t help but notice the official sportsbooks in the stands and on television. These partnerships are an attempt to increase awareness of the sportsbook brand and hopefully drive wagers. The partnerships often come with sponsorship deals that feature team branding and even television advertising. In the past, there was a strict line between sports media and gambling, but that is all changing. Sportsbook ads are now commonplace, and sportscasters are often cheekily referencing the over/under or point spread.

After the Supreme Court overturned PASPA, states quickly began drafting legislation to allow sports betting. Depending on the state, sports betting is often regulated by the lottery or gambling commission. Those departments are responsible for overseeing the sportsbooks and setting their parameters for the types of wagers that can be placed.

Some states have also partnered with sports leagues to create official betting. This usually consists of licensing the league’s official data and logos/branding for use in sportsbook advertising. This allows the sportsbook to have an advantage over other competitors while giving the sports leagues additional revenue.

One of the most popular forms of official betting is through scratchcard games. These are often a combination of pull-tab and scratch-off formats. Contestants must pull off parts of a card to reveal different prizes, and they can be as small as a penny to thousands of dollars in winnings. These games are commonly offered by the state lotteries and sometimes even by some private operators.